Film background

Director Sue Giovanni

Producer Jules Hussey

We are regular visitors to the area as we have friends who lived in Orford and now live in Iken.


On one visit two years ago we saw some work in a gallery in Aldeburgh which we both liked (a rarity as we usually disagree on all art work and music and films……..we only agree on beer!). The gallery assistant told us about Margaret and we were intrigued and even more so when we discovered that very little had been written about her despite her being one of the founding members of the St Ives Group.


By a very bizarre coincidence we realised that Sue had done some video work for a man called Telfer Stokes a year before and Margaret had a son called Telfer Stokes. There is only one Telfer Stokes in this world and since we first made contact with him Telfer and Margaret’s friend Emily Whalley have been profoundly supportive of this project.


The piece has taken shape (rather like one of Margaret’s driftwood reliefs) quite slowly as we have picked up pieces along the way, shot film, found interviews and filmed some of Margaret’s works. It has taken three years to complete and has been completely privately financed and produced in our spare time, alongside our full-time jobs.


This is an intensely personal piece and we have only used Margaret’s own words throughout the film – recordings from the National Sound Archive and extracts from Margaret’s diary and writings read by the actress Susannah York.


Film Bibliography and Filmography

Full credits

Based on an ‘Artists’ Lives’ interview with Mel Gooding British Library Sound Archive


Margaret’s words read by Susannah York



Caroline McAdam Clark

The Cornwall Centre Collection

ECA Archive

Helen Douglas

Imperial War Museum, London

ITN Source/Pathé

Jean-Claude Dupuis and Guy Pihouée

Margaret Mellis

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Scottish Screen Archive

Tate Library and Archive

South Western Electricity Historical Society Archives

United Reformed Church



Sue Giovanni

John Christie


Digital Stills

Jules Hussey


8mm Telecine

BBC Resources



Gianmarco Del Re


Sound Designers

Jake Roberts

JM Finch

Steen Bondrop

Dubbing Mixer

Barnaby Templer


Audio Post Production



Violin Recording Engineer

Gareth Stuart


Solo Violin

Ruth Ehrlich


With thanks to

Austin/Desmond Fine Art

Lachie and Julie Campbell

Catriona Colledge

The Cut, Halesworth

Lucy Harris

Sir Geoffrey and Lady Holland

Charlotte Mellis

Adeline O’Keeffe

Emmanuelle Waeckerle


this film could not have been made without the trust and support of Telfer Stokes

and the knowledge and dedication of

Emily Whalley



Andrew Lovett


Produced by

Jules Hussey


Directed and edited by

Sue Giovanni

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